Volunteer Tips

Thank you for your participation as a Lincoln PTO volunteer. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at timeandtalent@lpto.org or Trintje at ptochair@lpto.org and we will put your talents to good use!

Once you are involved, you may find the tips below helpful:

  • Attend the PTO meetings before and after your event to keep others informed about your activity. If this isn’t possible, ask another board member to report for you. 

  • Please turn your receipts in ASAP to keep our books up to date. For reimbursements, use the PTO Check Request Form. If you decide not to seek reimbursement (though we don’t advocate this), we ask that you still submit receipts as a PTO contribution. 

  • Tax-exempt cards for Staples for the PTO are located in the Smith Office PTO mailbox/firebox on the right-hand counter in the Treasurer’s folder. If possible, pick one up to bring with you when paying for things at Staples and return afterward for others to use. 

  • Use available publicity ideas to advertise your event—see below. 

  • Sign out your event room as necessary. Large school spaces such as the gymnasiums, school library and Hartwell Conference Rooms are through the Lincoln Recreation Department Forms are available and can be submitted in both school offices form the secretary or at the Lincoln Recreation Department. The Library Story Room is at the Library counter. 

  • We are trying to create electronic descriptions of all PTO positions this year. You can help us by briefly documenting what you did, sources you used and needs that arose, etc. in a Word document and email this to PTO Communications Secretary after you have finished. 

  • Please let us (timeandtalent@lpto.org) know if you need more volunteers and have fun! 

Volunteer Forms

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Check Request Doc
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