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Enrichment programs are the heart of the PTO. When you make your annual giving donation to the PTO, 100% of your contribution goes directly to enrichment programming. Each year, every grade and the specials (art, music, science, technology, health & wellness) are allocated roughly $4,000 that teachers may spend on bringing in programming that supplements the existing in-class curriculum.

Some programs are perennial favorites; others are new. In Kite Making with Pauly Berard, Kindergarteners learn the basics of kite flying ("if the wind is in your face, you're in the wrong place"), observe how kites fly even when there is no wind simply by creating airflow from motion and make their own kites. First and second graders have loved the poetry workshops with Ted Scheu (rhymes with shy), the poetry guy. He makes them laugh with his silly poems, inspires them to see poetry all around them, and empowers them to become poets themselves. Rescued raptors usually visit our seventh graders who learn about predation, the food chain, and hunting adaptations. Engineers also teach a hands-on algebra workshop to our eighth graders, promoting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) education.


Last year, Kindergarteners through fifth graders were treated to an exciting new program by Urbanity Dance, a contemporary dance company.

In these challenging times, the Enrichment team is working hard to bring both tried-and-true programs in virtual form and new programs to students.   The fourth graders will have the opportunity to take a virtual field trip to the very fossil beds in Nebraska that they study.  Fifth grade teachers designed an innovative “Story Posts” project in which posts with QR codes will be placed around campus so that younger students can walk around and play an audio or video of the fifth graders reading a story they wrote.  Enrichment funds are also being used to buy yoga mats, for much-needed, in-class movement breaks.  

We hope not only that your student loves these opportunities for unique and exciting learning, but that you as a parent or caregiver find value in these programs. The PTO is deeply grateful for the continued support of people like you with your time, talent, and financial contributions.



The PTO spends between $35K and $40,000 dollars each year on Enrichment Programs. Every child in every grade will partake in enrichment programs.

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