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Ways to Contribute


WE NEED YOU!  This is an unprecedented time in our school’s history.  We stand facing so much uncertainty caused by the tumult of COVID over the past few months, followed by the challenging and distressing social unrest of the last few weeks.  As PTO leaders, we don’t know what next year will allow/bring.  On top of that uncertainty, we have a school facility “in-flux” due to the building project. This means that we need creative thinkers and do-ers who are ready to join our team to make next year, whatever comes, an enriching and community-filled experience for all.


We ask that you be a part of our team during this time of uncertainty and change. The PTO and MCC will work collaboratively with the administration on important issues facing the school community--planning and communication in the time of COVID; continuing education and conversations about the causes and consequences of racism so that we can lay the groundwork for positive change; adapting PTO activities and enrichment offerings to respond to our current reality; and continuing to improve our support for all members of the community.


Also, it is important to note that our “virtual capabilities” have sky-rocketed in the last months.  Are you worried about not being able to make it to meetings?  Virtual participation is becoming the “name-of-the-game.” So, don’t let that be a barrier to your entry into the PTO volunteer world.


Please reach out to us now if you are even the slightest bit interested in joining the PTO or MCC teams.  The attached links contain listings of volunteer positions for each organization, as well as an email address that you can use to tell us you are interested in joining our efforts.  There are a variety of different positions, all requiring different skill sets and time commitments.  Contact us…we would be glad to discuss the details behind the open positions so that you can figure out the best fit with your abilities and time.  We are so excited to talk with you.



1. Donate online through our secure PayPal system using your credit card or your own PayPal account:


Please be as generous as possible and enter your name as you wish it to appear on our thank-you page (for example, the Doe Family, Jane and John Doe, or Anonymous).

2. Donate via check:

Download our Annual Giving brochure, fill out and print the form, and mail it with a check to:

Lincoln PTO
Ballfield Road
Lincoln, MA 01773                                                                                                                                

Attn: Annual Giving                      


3. Support the PTO when you shop online:


You can direct money to the Lincoln PTO whenever you shop at thousands of online stores. If you use Amazon, log on to Amazon.com website with this link, or just click on the Amazon logo below. The page you'll get looks just like the regular Amazon home page, but when you buy something on Amazon by this route, the PTO receives 6.5%of whatever you spend.


If you shop online at websites including Shutterfly, The Gap, Toys R Us, Overstock.com and many others, start your shopping at http://www.igive.com/Qu75KV7 and then search their site for whatever store you were planning to shop at iGive is a free service where shopping at any of 1,578 stores means a donation to the shopper's favorite cause. There's no extra charge for customers; the stores pay for the donations, which average 3% per purchase.


Or you can just click on one of the images below to start your shopping and benefit the PTO:

Corporate Match

Your gift to the PTO could be doubled!

Step 1:

When you make a donation to the Lincoln PTO, you'll receive an acknowledgement that confirms your gift amount and the LPTO tax ID number (45-4535098). You will need both pieces of information to begin the process of making a matched gift with your employer.

Step 2:

Contact your employer's human resources office for eligibility requirements and to obtain a matching gift form. Many companies match the gifts of retirees, spouses and others. Review the requirements of your matching gifts program carefully; each program has its own policies.

Step 3:

Fill out the employee portion of the form and send it to:

Lincoln PTO
Attn: Annual Giving
Ballfield Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

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