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WE NEED YOU!  This is an unprecedented time in our school’s history.  We stand facing so much uncertainty caused by the tumult of COVID over the past few months, followed by the challenging and distressing social unrest of the last 6 months.  As PTO leaders, we don’t know what next year will allow/bring.  On top of that uncertainty, we have a school facility “in-flux” due to the building project. This means that we need creative thinkers and do-ers who are ready to join our team to make next year, whatever comes, an enriching and community-filled experience for all.

There are many ways to contribute:


Spirit Wear

 Are you still looking to purchase spirit wear? We are not longer accepting spirit wear orders online, but a great selection of items are available at Something Special! Please visit or call Something Special to make your purchase.

Something Special 

145 Lincoln Road, Lincoln, MA 01773


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Family and caregiver contributions fund all enrichment programs for the current year and dictate what programs we are able to provide in that school year (that’s why we encourage donations to be made as early in the school year as possible!) While the suggested donation remains $100 per child, any dollar amount is appreciated.

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