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K-4 Updated Guidelines

Starting last Friday 5/28:

  • Students may take their masks off when outside for recess

    • Families should decide if they would like their child/ren to continue wearing a mask or take their mask off during recess; and then let their child’s teacher know

    • When taken off, masks will be kept on the chin, wrist, lanyard or in a pocket

    • Students should still wear their masks outside at arrival and dismissal

Starting Tuesday 6/1:

  • Students can mingle with students from a “partner cohort or cohorts” for recess (i.e. 1G and 1B play together as partner cohorts, and 1BA and 1W play together as partner cohorts)

    • Staff will support the cohorts to play structured games and free play

    • Partner cohorts will rotate between the playing on field, on the Ballfield Bus Loop (road closed during recess in the road), and the Red Playground

  • Cohorts can meet outside as a grade level or buddy classes for learning activities

Starting Monday 6/7

  • Based upon week 1, we will either switch the partner cohorts (i.e. 1G and 1BA and 1B and 1W as 2 groups of cohort partners) or to mingling across the full grade level when outside for recess

If you would like to see all of the LPS Updates to COVID Protocols/Practices please click here: Superintendent's Bulletin 5-27-21.

Plans for Next Year

We have come so far this year and I am enormously grateful for the patience and flexibility shown by families, educators and most of all, the students! I know there is a lot of interest in knowing what next year will look like and updated guidance from the state and DESE is encouraging that we will be able to return to a more typical landscape in the fall. I will keep you posted as details come together. For now, here are some of the assumptions and TBD’s for next year:


  • We will return to an in person model following regular school hours (8:00-2:55 M,T, Th, F / 8:00-12:35 W)

  • Remote option may be offered for students who qualify (many unknowns about criteria and process for qualifying as well as who would provide the instruction)

  • Anticipating classroom distancing at 3 feet or less which means that we can return to regular class sizes (max 18-22 depending on grade level per School Committee recommended guidelines)

  • Students will attend specials for live, in-person instruction; most specials classrooms in the mods

  • Students go to the renovated building for lunch in the cafeteria and wellness in the gym


  • In-person parent volunteers, community and enrichment programming

  • Grade level, cross grade and whole school gathering


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