Calling all Lumberjacks

October 6, 2020

Our Schools, Smith, Brooks and the LEAP after-school program, are all looking for appropriate seating for the outdoor learning that is a core part of our children’s daily lives now. The preferred seating would be stumps that could be placed in a circle, 6 feet apart and moved around as necessary. The school is looking for 36-48 stumps, approximately 12-18 inches high for this purpose.  The DPW has logs on-site but they need to be cut down to size and transported to the school campus. Does anyone out there have a chain saw or a truck they could volunteer for the work? There also might not be enough stumps at the DPW for the job, so if anyone also has excess logs from recent storms they’d be willing to part with and donate to the school while we’re needing outdoor learning space we’d really appreciate it. For more information, please contact

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