Back to School is Definitely on!

September 25, 2017


The air is definitely a bit crisper and for many the novelty of homework and packed lunches has already worn off.  We have, however, finally figured out where our children are, need to be and how to get them to where they are going – at least physically! Your PTO has also been scheming away, booking museum field trips, visiting the garden that was cared for all summer by Ms. Rooney, coordinating class parents, meeting new families from Lincoln and Boston and planning our annual fall party and back to school picnic.


With that in mind, we wanted to quickly provide a bit of information!

PTO Communications

•    MiniLink –  our weekly newsletter is emailed each Friday with updates on upcoming school activities, PTO school activities, and community events as well as opportunities to get involved – with Louis Zipes at the helm, this will be a must read!


•    Your grade parent – will email on an as needed basis information and requests from your child’s teacher, provide enrichment updates and coordinate class gifts.  


•    The MegaLink – this will replace the minilink three times a year with details and updates of all enrichment programs that your generous donations have provided for all grades .


•    Website –


•    My School Anywhere – our online directory for your use.


PTO Fiscal Asks


The PTO will spend over $40,000 dollars this year on enrichment, almost 90% of our budget, about $100 per child.  Every grade, every child will partake in many of our programs.  


•    Your PTO Donations – fund all programs for current year and will dictate what programs we are able to provide that year – any dollar amount is appreciated as our participation numbers help generate support from our community partners – this goes directly to each one of your children. Check it off now o    


•    Grade Specific asks from grade parent - $20 provides Holiday and End of year gift to teacher and specialists


•    Shop with Amazon, Igive, keep your Donelans receipts and boxtops – it does add up! As always please reach out with comments, questions, concerns or a hello!  


Trintje PTO Chair

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